Serverless computing comes to DigitalOcean

We are excited to announce that Nimbella has joined the DigitalOcean family to make serverless computing more accessible to developers, startups and small businesses across the world.

✔   Eliminate server management

✔   Get virtually infinite instant scale

✔   Pay only for what you use

✔   Support for stateful and stateless apps

✔   Built on Kubernetes and utilizes modern open standards

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If you’re an existing Nimbella customer and have questions, refer to the FAQs.

For technical documentation on Nimbella products, click on the following links:

Nimbella integrates with popular developer tools

  • Netlify (Jamstack)
    Deploy and run your Web Apps and APIs in one-click. Learn more
  • Slack
    Build, run and share commands and custom automations from Slack in one-click. Learn more
  • Postman
    Deploy and run your Postman APIs and Collections in one-click. Automatic serverless code generation makes it easy to get started. Learn more

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