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Hacktoberfest is one of the most popular, well-attended annual global celebrations of open source. Every October, people from a variety of expertise backgrounds, and experience levels from all over the world come together and use their skills to help maintain open source projects.

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Key Stats from 2022


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Read the recap report from Hacktoberfest 2022

Meet the Hacktoberfest Advisory Council

The Hacktoberfest Advisory Council ensures Hacktoberfest remains educational, fair, inclusive, and community-centric by bringing in people from outside DigitalOcean to provide earnest feedback and thoughtful guidance.

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Lisa Tagliaferri


Head of Developer Education at Chainguard

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Duane O'Brien



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Eddie Jaoude


Open Source DevRel

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Mason Egger


Sr. Technical Curriculum Developer at Temporal

Spotlight: Estee Tey, a Hacktoberfest Contributor Story

Hacktoberfest 2021 was Estee Tey's second Hacktoberfest and she had set big goals for herself to go from non-technical contributions like documentation edits to more technically demanding ones.“It was really interesting to explore different codebases and also communicate with the project maintainers to agree on a solution to achieve together. There were some hurdles in setting up some of the projects, but that's part and parcel for most newcomers onboarding dev projects.”

Read more about her journey with Hacktoberfest
Spotlight: Estee Tey, a Hacktoberfest Contributor Story

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