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What are DigitalOcean Open Source Credits?

Open source is about helping everyone do more, better and we're proud to support it. Towards that purpose, DigitalOcean offers grants of credits to open source projects to help with their development, infrastructure, and testing needs. We strongly believe in giving back to the open source ecosystem we participate in and depend on.

What are DigitalOcean Open Source Credits?

Who do we support with credits?

We support a variety of early stage to mature and well-established open source projects, many of which we are also dependent upon, such as:

How to qualify

The project must:

  1. Be fully open source, FOSS
  2. Should demonstrate community impact and/or interest*
  3. Have active development and community

* Proven community impact/interest can be difficult to measure and stars on GitHub are just one of the factors we will consider.

Bonus points:

Have a posted, formal and enforceable Code of Conduct

Grant tier criteria

TierGitHub StarsCredit Award
Testing100+ Stars$60/year
Staging500+ Stars$250/year
Production10,000+ Stars$250/year - $20k/year

*Please note that as of Jan 01, 2023, all new requests that are accepted will be awarded the Testing tier initially. Once you have created your account and begun to use your credit, we will evaluate your usage and consider requests for a higher tier. Please indicate the tier that you think you will need long-term in the application form.

Why apply

If you are developing or maintaining an open source project and are looking for cloud hosting and infrastructure services, here are a few reasons to consider applying.

  • We're the #1 cloud for developing modern apps
  • Built using myriad open source technologies
  • We invest in technologies our customers use and love
  • Our values are community, simplicity & service
  • Have a global footprint of data centers and remote teams

What we offer

Here are some of the things you can expect to receive as part of your grant award.

  • Infrastructure credits for development, testing and hosting on DigitalOcean
  • Promotion via DigitalOcean social media channels
  • Co-marketing opportunities such as user stories, blog posts, live streams and demos, webpage mentions, participation in Hacktoberfest and other DigitalOcean events
  • Direct access to the DigitalOcean open source team
  • Swag and other DigitalOcean exclusives

What we'd like in return

We genuinely want to support the open source ecosystem, and know that project resources are often stretched thin, so we don't ask for much but we do have one request.

  • We humbly ask that in return for a credit grant, you include a logo and a link back to DigitalOcean on your website and/or git repository
  • This page provides a few examples of attribution that you can copy
  • If you have any questions, please email us:


The developer community would love to learn about your use case. Reach out if you'd like to collaborate on a case study.

Open source FAQ

All your questions answered here, don't see your question? Contact us.

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