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Fully-managed infrastructure

Build, deploy, and scale apps quickly using a simple, fully-managed infrastructure solution.

Code to production in just a few clicks

Fully managed solution

Launch apps quickly by deploying code directly from popular repos while we manage the underlying infrastructure.

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Fully managed solution
Help developers be more productive

Help developers be more productive

Support for many popular languages and frameworks that leads to faster development and deployment.

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Scale apps, not costs

Easily scale your apps to handle traffic. Keep costs low and effectively optimize resources as you scale your apps.

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Scale apps, not costs
Easily add serverless components to your app

Easily add serverless components to your app

Build or enhance your apps by adding serverless components with DigitalOcean Functions.

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Quick App Platform tour

Check out a brief tour to see how easy it is to deploy code from repos using App Platform.

Key features

The languages you love

Out-of-the-box support for popular languages and frameworks like Node.js, Python, Django, Go, PHP, and static sites.

Built-in security

We create, manage, and renew your SSL certificates to protect your apps from DDoS attacks and provide automatic OS patching for added security.

Scale with ease

Scale horizontally or vertically to handle planned or unplanned traffic spikes—all while keeping your apps available.

Deploy faster

Deploy code directly from your GitHub and GitLab repositories and automatically redeploy apps when you push updates to your source code.

Quickly add functions

Easily add functions as components of your apps. Use these functions to quickly add serverless APIs to your web apps or mobile apps.

Secure your traffic

Securely connect your apps to Managed Databases using Trusted Sources, enabling a secure connection to the database that accepts traffic only from the app.

Rollback as needed

Track progress of deployments with clear indicators and easily rollback to previous deployments of the app.

Alerts, monitoring & insights

Set up alerts and monitoring for events such as successful deployment and domain configuration. Gain insights into resources used by your app

Better log analysis

Forward logs to external log providers such as Papertrail and Datadog for better analysis and troubleshooting.

What you can build with App Platform

Web apps

Build dynamic apps in popular languages like Python, Node.js.


Create websites that are fast, secure, and highly scalable.


Manage your apps and other resources programmatically via APIs.


Adeva creates new opportunities for developers worldwide with DigitalOcean

Having a partner you can rely on is really important. The security and peace of mind you get when you're working with someone you trust is really important to us.

Tosho Trajanov, Chief Growth Officer


Introducing app platform

Launch apps quickly by deploying code directly from popular repos while we manage the underlying infrastructure.

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