High CPU Droplets

Designed and optimized for computationally intensive workloads, High CPU Droplets provide developers with access to Intel's® most powerful CPUs with consistent and reliable performance.

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Powerful CPU performance

Powerful CPU performance

Access some of Intel's® most powerful CPUs including Xeon Platinum 8168 (Skylake) with a 2.7 Ghz Clock Speed and Xeon E5-2697A v4 (Broadwell) with a 2.6 Ghz Clock Speed.

Maximum resources

High CPU Droplets have devoted hyper-threads for sustained access to maximum CPU resources, providing applications with consistent and reliable CPU performance.

Maximum resources
Deploy in 55 seconds

Deploy in 55 seconds

Deploy High CPU Droplets even faster in multiple regions with our control panel or via our API. With consistent disk sizes, it is easy to move applications across different High CPU configurations as your application needs change.

Deployment use cases

High CPU Droplets are ideal for use cases where CPU power is the main consideration when choosing server configuration.
Examples of applications requiring powerful CPUs include:

  • Active front-end app servers

    Active front-end app servers

    Web front-ends with high numbers of active users need powerful CPUs to minimize wait times for end users.

  • Data Analysis

    Data Analysis

    Data analysis applications require heavy computation. High CPU Droplets help these applications maximize efficiency and performance.

  • Batch Processing

    Batch Processing

    Keeping queue sizes low and batch processing fast can be achieved with worker processes running jobs more quickly on powerful CPUs.

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