Cloud optimization: What you need to know about reducing cloud costs

How to reduce your cloud costs by monitoring your resource usage, exploring architecture changes, and switching to DigitalOcean for favorable bandwidth pricing and more.

What is cloud optimization?

Cloud optimization is the process of reducing cloud costs and increasing the efficiency of the cloud-based architecture of an application. Cloud optimization usually refers to optimizing the usage of resources from public cloud providers, such as virtual machines, storage, and databases, and has been increasingly popular as cloud costs have increased. Optimizing a cloud architecture could include identifying unused resources, finding cost savings by moving to a different cloud provider, or even re-architecting an entire application to a more scalable solution such as Kubernetes.

Cloud optimization resources

Resources and reports to help you optimize your cloud.

Cloud cost optimization best practices

Cloud cost optimization best practices

Benefits of a multi-cloud strategy

Benefits of a multi-cloud strategy

Report: How SMBs are viewing cloud optimization today

Report: How SMBs are viewing cloud optimization today

Cloud optimization case studies

Learn how DigitalOcean customers save money and experience more predictable cloud costs by switching to DigitalOcean as their primary cloud provider.

“We moved a workflow that was in AWS, and with the Premium CPU-Optimized Droplets our workloads got faster by several hours. Right off the bat we saved $2000 a month with DigitalOcean, and we get better performance."Read case study

Kenneth Kinion, Managing Director

“We decided to build more vertical sites and we used DigitalOcean for the migration to run on our infrastructure. We’ve cut costs tenfold. Everyone is happy.”Read case study

Nick Zorin, Co-Founder and CTO

“The cost of running ScraperAPI would be 250% more on AWS, as compared to DigitalOcean.”Read case study

Zoltan Bettenbuk, CTO

DigitalOcean benefits that can help you reduce cloud costs

DigitalOcean includes several features that can save customers time and money when compared to large cloud providers like AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure:

Industry-leading bandwidth costs

DigitalOcean Droplets come with generous included bandwidth, and additional bandwidth is charged at just $0.01/GiB, compared to $0.05 and up for AWS bandwidth costs.

Predictable pricing

DigitalOcean pricing is transparent and predictable, with flat pricing across data centers and without hidden costs for additional services.

Affordable, flat-rate support plans

Support plans are tailored to the needs of growing businesses and can include access to technical staff who can help with architecture reviews. Ticketed support is included for every customer, and paid support starts at just $24/month.

Managed services to save you time

DigitalOcean offers several managed databases as well as Managed Kubernetes, which can save you time in the maintenance of your cloud resources.

Optimize your costs with DigitalOcean today

DigitalOcean’s team of cloud experts is standing by to help you optimize your cloud costs. Contact us today to learn how to reduce costs and migrate from another provider with ease!