Serve customers around the globe with DigitalOcean's infrastructure

DigitalOcean provides robust infrastructure and reliable network connectivity to businesses around the globe, with 15 distributed data centers in nine regions.

Digital world map, with cities highlighted: New York, San Francisco, Toronto, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Bangalore, Singapore, and Sydney.


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Globally distributed datacenters


Uptime SLA for Droplets and Volumes block storage


Customers building with DigitalOcean

Excellent infrastructure to power your business

DigitalOcean's infrastructure is built to reduce latency, provide minimal downtime, and ensure you can serve excellent experiences to your customers.

Certified Cloud Security

We're committed to protecting sensitive customer and company information and are compliant with AICPA SOC 2 Type II and SOC 3 Type II certifications.

Grow with a variety of products

Easily scale your business with cloud-native products and managed offerings that can help you along every step of your cloud journey.

Stay up and protect your reputation

With an uptime SLA of 99.99%, you can rest assured that your customers have the experience you want them to — we also issue refunds issued any time is lost.

Deliver exceptional experiences

Our global private Internet Edge and Backbone network is designed to reliably carry your customer's traffic across the globe to help deliver superior experiences no matter where you are.

Powered by latest generation hardware

Enjoy top-tier performance from virtual machines powered by the latest generations of Intel Xeon and AMD Epyc processors and best-in-class storage across all data centers.

Predictable pricing

Affordable price points, industry-leading bandwidth pricing, and flat pricing across all data centers simplifies paying for cloud so you can focus on growing your business and not costs.

Learn more about our state-of-the-art Sydney data center

Our newest data center in Sydney, Australia was built from the ground up with a new network designed to easily scale.

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Trusted by businesses worldwide

We are trusting in DigitalOcean's tools 100% so that we can promise our customers they will have access to their data when they need it. None of this would work without robust services.


There's no way that I would have pushed our platform as an emergency disaster relief platform if I didn't know, with 100% confidence, that I could trust our infrastructure. And that's a tribute to DigitalOcean.
Non Profit Exchange

Non Profit Exchange

I was excited to hear that we'll have DigitalOcean's reliability coming onshore to Australia. That will make a big impact for local businesses.
Scott Purcell

Scott Purcell

Co-Founder, Director, Man of Many

We soon found out that the service we received from DigitalOcean was the best in terms of stability of the Droplets and the bandwidth, and all of the network that comes out of the data centers. It's very stable. This is the key point, and that stability has helped us to increase our volume as well.
Nir Borenshtein

Nir Borenshtein

COO, Bright Data

Dive deep into DigitalOcean's infrastructure differentiators

Learn more about our data centers and the underlying infrastructure that helps businesses scale on our platform.

Introducing DigitalOcean's state-of-the-art data center in Sydney, Australia

Overview of Performance Upgrades to Spaces Object Storage and Volumes Block Storage

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Migrate your workloads to DigitalOcean with confidence

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Introducing DigitalOcean Premium CPU-Optimized Droplets for reliable performance & higher throughput

Storing Your Data on the Cloud

The Only Thing Between You and Your Customer is a Data Center

Frequently asked questions

Collect metrics for visibility, monitor Droplet performance, and receive alerts if infrastructure issues arise — with no configuration required.

What is a DigitalOcean data center?

A DigitalOcean data center is a physical location where we host all our compute, storage, and networking infrastructure.

What is the difference between a region and a data center?

A region is a location or city where our physical data centers are located. A region (say San Francisco) may have multiple data centers (e.g., SFO1, SFO2, etc.)

Where can I learn more about DigitalOcean's privacy policy?
Take a look at our privacy policy.
I have some data center related compliance questions; who should I reach out to?
Please send an email with your questions to
Where can I find more information on data center certifications?
Please refer to the certification reports webpage, which has more information on our certifications and DigitalOcean's CSA Self Assessment.

If you have any additional questions, please refer to the Trust Platform which has various resources, certification and transparency reports (including GDPR and Privacy Shield), and Trust FAQs.

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