Hosted services

Use DigitalOcean as a deploy target on behalf of your users.

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Tim Yocum

Tim Yocum

Lead Operations Engineer at ComposeDB

"Compose is in the business of excellent performance so we knew the way forward was to bring our auto-scaling MongoDB platform to the DigitalOcean cloud."
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Infrastructure made for your services

  • Platform-as-a-Service

    Deploy your PaaS environment to DigitalOcean within minutes using our API or control panel. Enable your users to focus on building their application, while you manage their deployments with 99.99% uptime.

  • Database-as-a-Service

    Add DigitalOcean as a deploy target for your hosted database service. With scalable Block Storage, high memory Droplet plans, and various backup options, you'll have the base you need to run your DBaaS.

  • Hosted content management systems

    Rapidly scale your hosted CMS service using our simple API to quickly deploy Droplets for new customer sites. Use Block Storage or live snapshots to easily to preserve your users' data and keep them online.

  • VPN providers

    Running a VPN service requires fast deployment times and an ease of scaling resources to meet user demand. With snapshot deployment, a straightforward and flexible API, and a reliable network, you're equipped to provide an excellent service to your users.

Built for hosted services

DigitalOcean provides the flexibility your team needs to manage its hosted service.

Easy resource management

Quickly add or remove resources based on your application's demands.

Flexible API

Manage your infrastructure with an intuitive API.

Simple snapshots

Easily scale your system by spinning up new droplets from saved snapshots

Considering DigitalOcean as a deploy target for your customers? Tell our Solutions Engineers more about your needs and discuss pricing options.

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