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Web hosting in the United Kingdom

Businesses and the developers who make them work need web hosting services that are as high performing as they are reliable. Powered by DigitalOcean’s globally recognized cloud infrastructure, our web hosting services offer companies like yours advanced features and capabilities tailored to solve your specific web hosting challenges. DigitalOcean is a web hosting provider trusted by thousands of companies all over the world to host sites of all kinds, including WordPress websites.

DigitalOcean’s UK data center, located in London, provides low-latency, geographically advantageous options for hosting your web applications, websites, and databases. DigitalOcean offers a variety of products, including virtual private servers (Droplets), managed databases, object storage, and Kubernetes-based container orchestration, providing technical flexibility for all hosting needs, from simple to complex.

A top web hosting provider, DigitalOcean provides UK users with some of the best globally-available cloud hosting service. Complete with virtual private server (VPS) hosting, shared web hosting, high storage limits, excellent bandwidth allowance, cPanel hosting, and robust CMS support—all with no-surprises pricing that individual developers and businesses can afford.

Features of web hosting in the United Kingdom

Reliable and scalable hosting

DigitalOcean’s web hosting in the UK provides dependable infrastructure that allows businesses to scale resources as they need to for optimal performance, accommodating websites and applications of any size.

One-click operations

DigitalOcean simplifies tasks with one-click installations and configurations, making it easy to set up and manage websites and applications efficiently.

Data center located in the UK

With a data center in London, England, DigitalOcean enables low-latency access for local and users throughout the United Kingdom, resulting in better, faster website performance and WordPress hosting.

Security, a top priority

DigitalOcean prioritizes security with measures such as firewalls, DDoS protection, and data encryption, helping to ensure the protection of your hosted content and user data.

Tools to help you grow quickly

Enhance storage on the fly and tweak the technical specs of your website easily—or focus on deploying an exceptional customer experience without worrying about the infrastructure by deploying add-ons.

DigitalOcean UK web hosting testimonials

"One of the reasons we’ve been able to grow as quickly as we have is because of how scalable everything is and how easy it is to add new features on our DigitalOcean platform."

Tim Osborne

CTO, Atom Learning

Build a game-changing website with Community help

DigitalOcean’s in-depth documentation and vast library of tutorials ensures you have all the knowledge you need to build and host your website in the UK and beyond. If you want to learn more about VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, spinning up a web server, and quickly building scalable hosting infrastructure, be sure to explore the DigitalOcean Community.

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Frequently asked questions

What is DigitalOcean, and what web hosting services do they offer for in the United Kingdom?

DigitalOcean is a cloud infrastructure provider that also offers web hosting services all over the world, including in the United Kingdom. With data centers located all over the globe, including in London, users get fast, reliable cloud solutions no matter where they or their users are. We provide scalable and flexible solutions for hosting websites—including WordPress hosting—applications, and other online services including managed dedicated hosting.

Why would I choose DigitalOcean for web hosting over other web hosting providers or hosting companies?

At DigitalOcean we’re proud to offer a user-friendly platform, competitive pricing, and reliable performance. We offer a range of services designed to cater to developers and the businesses they build.

What types of web hosting solutions does DigitalOcean offer for users in the UK?

DigitalOcean provides various web hosting tools and plans, including standard Droplets, VPS hosting plans like optimized Droplets, and managed databases, allowing users to choose the resources and configurations that best suit their needs. Whether you need website hosting for your personal website or your business website, DigitalOcean offers VPS hosting and other web hosting services to help you run your website without hiccups.

Can I use DigitalOcean’s services for WordPress hosting in the UK?

Yes, DigitalOcean offers robust hosting solutions that are well-suited for hosting WordPress websites in our London data center. We provide one-click WordPress installations and a lot more to streamline your WordPress hosting experience.

Does DigitalOcean offer virtual dedicated hosting in their London data center?

We provides a virtual dedicated hosting solution in the form of “Droplets.” These are virtual private servers (VPS) that offer dedicated resources, allowing you to have a level of isolation similar to that of a physical dedicated server. You can deploy and manage Droplets in our London data center, helping to ensure high performance and reliability throughout the UK and beyond. Virtual dedicated hosting offers many of the benefits of true dedicated servers at a lower price. Our web hosting services help companies whose primary market is in the UK keep their websites running at their best and most efficient.

How does DigitalOcean’s customer support and technical assistance for web hosting work?

DigitalOcean offers a range of support options for all of our products, including a knowledge base, community forums, and a robust ticket-based support system that helps individual and business users resolve their issues efficiently. We offer premium support plans for even faster response times to support businesses local to the United Kingdom.

What are the pricing and payment options available for DigitalOcean’s web hosting service in the UK?

DigitalOcean’s pricing in the UK varies based on the services and resources you choose. Users can select from different pricing tiers and payment options, including hourly or monthly billing.

Can I easily scale my cloud hosting resources with DigitalOcean as my website’s needs change?

Yes, you can easily scale your web hosting resources with DigitalOcean. At DigitalOcean, simplicity is key. We offer features like automatic load balancing, scalable storage, dedicated servers, and one-click application deployments to adapt to changing requirements and traffic fluctuations in simple, intuitive ways.

What is the uptime SLA for DigitalOcean’s UK web hosting services?

Across all of our data centers—including our UK data center located in London—we offer a 99.99% uptime SLA on Droplets for all of our customers. DigitalOcean strives to provide web hosting and web hosting services that you can rely on no matter the size of your business of the intensity of your traffic demands.

What content management systems (CMS) does DigitalOcean support?

WordPress hosting, Ghost hosting, and other popular CMSs. With our 1-Click apps, you can add a WordPress installation to your Droplet in a matter of moments. Our UK web hosting services include an intuitive, user-friendly experience whether you’re running your own WordPress website, running multiple websites, or standing up your own hosting business to manage the WordPress or Ghost websites that your customers build.**

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