Learn what you can build with App Platform

App Platform provides a fully managed solution to rapidly build, deploy, manage, and scale apps. Deploy code by simply pointing to GitHub or GitLab repository and let App Platform manage the infrastructure, application runtimes, and other dependencies.

Common use cases for App Platform

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Web apps

Build dynamic apps in popular languages like Python, NodeJS

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Static sites

Create websites that are fast, secure, and highly scalable

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Add automation via APIs

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Background workers

Improve efficiency by adding background workers

App Showcase

Amazing apps hosted on App Platform that you can take inspiration from. Web services, databases, static sites, and more.


A brilliant portfolio that takes animation and navigation to the next level.

Mental Health Crisis App

An insightful app that encourages families and friends to monitor those that they are close to.


A Laravel application that allows users to create team accounts and clock-in and clock-out.


A fun app to randomly generate a potato with a mood of its own.

Sample apps

Cool apps to help you kick tires and experience the power of App Platform

Static Site Blog

Create a blog using Strapi as your backend and Next.js as your frontend. We can use DigitalOcean App Platform to deploy Next as a static site.

Guest Book

Create a digital guest book where people can enter their message. The backend is a Laravel API and the frontend is React.

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URL Shortener

Build a URL shortener using a Django backend API and a Vue frontend. Deploy both to App Platform.


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