DigitalOcean expands backup capabilities with acquisition of SnapShooter

Gabe Monroy

Posted: January 11, 20233 min read

Startups and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are continually turning to the cloud to enhance the agility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness of their business–57% reported increased reliance on the cloud in 2022, according to DigitalOcean’s Currents report. However, one concern for many businesses is data disruption due to accidental deletion, tech stack changes, or service disruptions. Losing data can cause revenue loss, reputational damage, and poor customer experience, which are especially harmful to small, growing businesses.

To better enable startups and SMBs to protect their cloud data across files, apps, and databases, we’re excited to announce DigitalOcean’s acquisition of SnapShooter, a backup and recovery solutions provider. SnapShooter makes cloud backups simple, fast and flexible, offering one system to consolidate all backups so you can be confident in knowing your cloud data is protected.

Here’s what SnapShooter customer Siebird, a web design and digital marketing agency, has to say about their experience:

“Siebird has trusted SnapShooter to back up and protect our client websites for over 2.5 years. We host all our client websites on DigitalOcean. From the beginning, SnapShooter stood out from the rest with how effortless it has made configuring backups. We always dreaded setting up new backup jobs–now we don’t. We have peace of mind knowing our client websites are protected and can be restored with a click of a button.”

Get peace of mind with regular backups

SnapShooter enables users to back up their files, apps, and databases from DigitalOcean and other cloud providers. It also supports popular apps such as Laravel and WordPress, and databases including MongoDB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. Comprehensive backups can be taken daily, weekly, and monthly from server backups, or up to every 5 minutes for file backup.

SnapShooter consolidates backups into a single job that can be easily configured by the user to meet their specific needs, eliminating the need for manual backups. For example, a user running WordPress can back up their application files and also generate a MySQL backup at once.

Businesses that are innovating quickly also benefit from easily being able to restore previous versions of individual files or full applications–just select the files you want to restore, confirm your choices, and SnapShooter will do the rest. The ability to choose files to back up, customize settings and flexible retention policies will help startups and SMBs build efficient and cost-effective business continuity strategies for their cloud data.

Key features of SnapShooter include:

  • Back up files, servers, apps, and databases from multiple providers

  • Quickly restore a previous version of a file or multiple files

  • Granular backups with the ability to choose what files to back up

  • Choose your backup frequency, and see when backups were run

  • Customize your backup settings and retention policies

  • Get real-time logs and monitoring

  • Stay secure and compliant with 2-factor authentication and secure encryption

  • Use your own storage, including DigitalOcean Spaces, AWS S3, Filebase, and other systems, or use SnapShooter’s S3-compatible storage

  • Get email and slack alerts of backups

Get started with SnapShooter

To start backing up your applications, files, and databases today, you can get started on the SnapShooter website. DigitalOcean users can benefit from SnapShooter’s 1-Click Application, which makes it simple to add SnapShooter backups to DigitalOcean products including Droplets virtual machines and Volumes block storage. Sign up for a yearly plan, and you’ll get a discount on SnapShooter’s pricing!

Here’s what customer Datacake, a low-code IOT platform, had to say about using SnapShooter with DigitalOcean:

“We’ve been using SnapShooter for our database backups since 2021, after switching from a self-built solution. We use it to back up both our DigitalOcean managed and self-managed Postgres databases to DigitalOcean Spaces. Since using SnapShooter, we’ve had a lot of peace-of-mind knowing that we have reliable and historic backups that just work. The reporting feature is also really helpful for us. Overall, we love SnapShooter because it provides us with the features and reliability we need to ensure our business data is always safe and secure.”

We’re excited for SnapShooter, a Hatch alumnus, to join DigitalOcean and look forward to providing you with future updates!


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