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Partnering with DigitalOcean: Unleashing Growth Opportunities for ISVs

Fer Oliveira

Posted: December 19, 20235 min read

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) develop specialized software applications that cater to various markets and industries. Unlike in-house development teams that build custom software tailored to specific organizational needs, ISVs must engineer products with a broader appeal, ensuring reliability and scalability across different environments and customer bases. As a result, ISVs face unique challenges in product development, deployment, and management. They require cloud infrastructure that is not only robust and secure but also flexible and efficient to accommodate the rapid pace of software iterations and the diverse needs of their clientele.

DigitalOcean provides a fertile ground for ISVs to expand their operations and accelerate their growth trajectory by prioritizing simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and high performance. For instance, Pionect, a software development agency, uses DigitalOcean to build and maintain robust, high-traffic e-commerce platforms for a diverse European clientele:

“As a software builder, our ambition is always to write good code and host our code on good infrastructure so that we can give our clients the best possible experience. We are excited to be a DigitalOcean partner and look forward to continuing our work with them,” says Egbert Wietses, the CEO of Pionect.

This article explores how a partnership with DigitalOcean can address the specific needs of ISVs, fostering an environment where they can thrive by leveraging powerful cloud capabilities and resources.

Key benefits of partnering with DigitalOcean for ISVs

A range of ISVs use our platform to deploy, manage, and scale their applications easily, leveraging our cloud tools and services suite to heighten performance, improve customer satisfaction, and drive innovation. Here are the specific advantages our platform offers to ISVs:

1. Cost-effective cloud infrastructure

Partnering with DigitalOcean offers ISVs a cost-effective cloud infrastructure with a transparent pricing model. This starkly contrasts the often opaque and unpredictable billing practices of larger cloud providers; it’s not uncommon for companies to experience AWS bill shock. DigitalOcean’s straightforward cost structure eliminates surprises, with predictable billing ensuring ISVs can budget and plan confidently.

Our platform’s pricing calculator enables software vendors to forecast expenses by simulating different usage scenarios and service configurations before deployment. This transparency in pricing is complemented by a range of scalable services that allow ISVs to start small and grow their resources without exponential increases in costs. As a result, ISVs can optimize their investment in cloud services, directing funds toward innovation and growth rather than unexpected infrastructure expenses.

2. Cloud solutions to scale with simplicity

At the core of DigitalOcean’s product offerings is a commitment to simplicity, allowing ISVs to scale their applications effortlessly. The intuitive setup of Droplets enables quick scaling of virtual machines without complex configurations. Managed Databases simplify the process of scaling database storage and performance, and they come with the convenience of a managed service to reduce administrative burden. DigitalOcean Kubernetes allows for easy orchestration of containerized applications, automating deployment and scaling with a developer-friendly approach. With Load Balancers, ISVs can distribute traffic across their infrastructure to maintain performance, all managed through a straightforward interface that prioritizes ease of use.

This focus on simplicity ensures that ISVs can scale their solutions with minimal effort, freeing them to focus on their core product development. Nixa, a Canadian web development agency catering to businesses and nonprofits, leverages DigitalOcean’s predictable pricing and straightforward cloud tools to deliver cost-effective and efficient software, websites, and applications.

“DigitalOcean is intuitive and powerful. Using hyperscalers setting up something like a load balancer can be complex, but using DigitalOcean setting it up is very simple–you just click and add it. We can keep our team of DevOps and SysAdmins lean to manage our 200+ customers because of the ease of use of DigitalOcean,” says the team at Nixa.

3. Expanded market reach

By partnering with DigitalOcean, ISVs connect to a broad and ever-expanding customer base spanning many industries and locations. This partnership allows ISVs to showcase their solutions to over 630,000+ SMBs, startups, and mid-market businesses already using DigitalOcean’s infrastructure, bypassing the initial barrier to entry of building trust.

This integration into DigitalOcean’s ecosystem allows for organic brand recognition and user adoption growth. ISVs can effectively co-market to a ready-made audience looking for complementary tools and services. The increased visibility from this direct access can lead to enhanced market penetration, driving revenue and market share for your brand.

4. Access to DigitalOcean’s Marketplace

DigitalOcean’s Marketplace is a software innovation hub, attracting a dedicated audience of developers and small to mid-sized businesses searching for cutting-edge tools. By featuring their solutions in the Marketplace, ISVs benefit from increased visibility within a community that values and actively seeks out new technology. This exposure is a gateway to a broader audience, offering ISVs the potential to amplify their customer base significantly.

Unlike other crowded marketplaces, DigitalOcean’s Marketplace offers ISVs a distinct advantage. The platform not only facilitates the discovery of ISV solutions but also streamlines the process of co-selling to this ready-made market. A presence in DigitalOcean’s Marketplace can be a powerful driver for ISV growth, potentially boosting revenue and expanding market share through strategic positioning and easy access to a large pool of prospective customers. Learn how to become a vendor and list on the DigitalOcean Marketplace.

5. Premier partnership experience for ISVs

DigitalOcean is committed to the success of ISVs, offering them a supportive and beneficial partnership. When ISVs team up with DigitalOcean, they receive tailored support to help them navigate and make the most of the platform’s features. This partnership is enriched with co-marketing initiatives, allowing ISVs to boost their visibility.

They also receive access to a wealth of resources to speed up their development cycle and go-to-market efforts. DigitalOcean provides ISVs with a practical and supportive experience focused on their growth and success in the cloud ecosystem.

Partnering with DigitalOcean is a strategic decision that empowers ISVs

Striving to keep the technological overhead to a minimum, DigitalOcean offers an accessible cloud solution that aligns with the needs of developers focused on their craft:

“We want to focus on creating beautiful software, and hyperscalers are often too complex for what our customers need. DigitalOcean makes it simple for us to manage a lot of customers under one account,” says Egbert Wietses, the CEO of Pionect.

Here’s what ISVs can expect with DigitalOcean:

  • Build software solutions cost-effectively across dev, test, and production environments

  • Reach a global audience of over 630,000 SMBs, startups, and midmarket customers

  • Showcase your solutions in DigitalOcean’s Marketplace, gaining visibility and attracting potential customers

  • Operate in an uncrowded marketplace, maximizing your exposure to potential customers

  • Enjoy a premier partnership experience, receiving dedicated support, co-marketing opportunities, and access to resources

We invite ISVs relying on multicloud portfolios or those unsure about their expansion strategy, to request a personalized assessment from our cloud experts in support of their cloud journey here.

Join the DigitalOcean Partner Pod Program today and elevate your business through a collaborative partnership designed for mutual growth. With support at every level of our company, we’re committed to a long-term relationship that helps us achieve more, together. Become a DigitalOcean partner and unleash your growth potential!


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