1 click app with rails: Default postgres password nil on new droplet

January 14, 2017 56 views
Ruby on Rails PostgreSQL Ubuntu 16.04

I'm new to this so I could be making a newbie error, but I'm fairly certain something is wrong here. I created a new droplet with the one click rails app on ubuntu. I started following the rails tutorial that digitalocean supplied. I did a ssh to the server (doing nothing else), and saw that the MOTD had this:

You can use the following Postgres database credentials:
  * User: rails
  * Pass: 

The tutorial says there should be a supplied password already baked in as soon as I ssh. Also, another potential problem is that /etc/default/unicorn is not present.

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It's possible that there was an issue or error during deployment of the Droplet. I logged in to deploy a fresh Ruby on Rails one-click (w/ NGINX, Postgres, and Unicorn) and when I logged in via SSH, all the details were presented via the MOTD.

I would try deploying once more. If the issue persists, note the data center + data center number (i.e NYC1, NYC2, NYC3, etc) and submit a support ticket letting them know so that their team can take a closer look.

Mine was deployed to NYC3.

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