Accessing droplet via console denied using correct credentials

Posted December 26, 2016 2.7k views
APIUbuntu 16.04

I am very new to DO. I have an Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS droplet which has a sudo user and root login disabled. The droplet was created with an SSH key with a password and the key works perfectly via puTTY with my non-root user and root cannot log in. So far so good…

Initially I used sudo passwd to set root user pass since it was not supplied during droplet creation. After failing to be able to use that pass (pasted via shift+Insert) into the DO console I used the DO Reset root Password process. This pass is also not accepted and attempts to login with my non-root ssh user with a pasted password have also failed. I have not attempted to type in the 100+ char non-root pass.

So I do not know if pasting a password in the DO console simply does not work or if I have some other issue? I have no real need of DO console at present with easy SSH access but if for some reason I did need it I’d like to have it working.

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Sorry for the trouble. Copy/Paste is not supported in the console so you will need to type it in manually. We recommend using an SSH client like putty for most day to day administration tasks while having the console as a backup method in case the ssh service is not available.

  • Thank you for the reply. Three questions- if root login is disabled can the console still log in as root? Can a non-root sudo user log in via console? And (obvious answer is no but) I cannot use key based authentication in the console, correct?

    • The answer in all three cases is yes. The console is seen by your droplet as a local keyboard and display so the settings you enable for the ssh service have no effect there so disabling the root user’s ability to ssh to the droplet will not prevent them from logging in via the console. Any user with a valid shell on their account will also be able to log in via the console. Of course they’d first have to be logged into your DO account or team to get console access.