Add a domain to droplet error

July 28, 2019 142 views


We have a domain added to a DO test account for prototyping purpose in the last few weeks, worked all good.

Yesterday we started with development, registered a new DO account for production. I deleted domain from the 1st DO test account, and added domain to the new DO account successfully. After 12 hours, I can only access my website via Droplet IP, couldn’t access it via domain name anymore.

If anyone experienced similar stuff could you please share insights or fix please? Really appreciate it!

Raised a Support Ticket with #2852679 as well.


2 Answers

Thanks Alex. Yes I’ve updated DNS records.

Turns out it started working few hours ago, probably due to propagation time, although it took bit long this time.

Thanks again!

Hello, Zhen

I assume that you’ve updated the DNS A record for the domain name. Have in mind that DNS changes might take up to 24 hours due to DNS cache from the ISPs.

You can also clear your browser’s cache and access the domain using alternative browser or device as well.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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