Adding new account in WHM not working.

September 26, 2014 2.2k views

Hi Guys,

Im a newbie here.

I installed cpanel(trial version) on my first droplet. Point my first website and mail which is working, no problem at all.

But when I tried to add a new domain under WHM->Create a New Account which is all went fine. But I cannot access this newly created account using the domain name.

Here is my set up:

  1. Added the new domain to my WHM. (assuming
  2. change the nameserver of in to point here: NS1.DIGITALOCEAN.COM, NS2.DIGITALOCEAN.COM, NS3.DIGITALOCEAN.COM

But when I tried to access the on my browser it says "server not found".
Is there anything I need to configure to make this work?


1 Answer

I had the same problem as you when I started at DO. What solve my problem was set up vanity name servers. So basically every time you want to point a domain to your droplet the name servers will be and ( being the domain that is assigned to your droplet)

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