after ghost install: can access via ip address

Posted April 15, 2020 2.4k views

My one click install went well. I’m able to ssh into the site, but I can’t access the site via IP.

The directions say

As soon as you’re done, make sure to configure the admin user using the administrative interface at http://use_your_droplet_ip/ghost (making sure to substitute the Droplet’s IP address in the URL). Until you configure the admin user, anyone who discovers the site can configure the administrative user, take control of the Ghost site, and potentially take control of the Droplet.

Every browser I use shifts the url from http://use_your_droplet_ip/ghost to https://use_your_droplet_ip/ghost.

I have taken these steps:

  1. Updated my A records from the place I bought the domain.
  2. Destroyed droplet and tried again
  3. Tried to turn off security in my browser
  4. Searched tutorials and read questions here

I’m stuck. How do I access http://use_your_droplet_ip/ghost?

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For ghost installation to be successful, you will need to make sure that A record for the domain is fully propagated, if you do not have DNS configured, then you can enter the IP address of the droplet while the installation prompts for these details. Please check this documentation from where it says “Getting started after deploying Ghost” -

You can try re-deploying if you wish to start over by following the above provided documentation. In case if you find any difficulty or see any issues to get this deployed, please feel free to create a support ticket with all the details and one of our support engineers will assist you.

  • Thank you. Is there a way to re-deploy without destroying the droplet and starting over? I’m ok with that, but it would give me a new IP address.

    It’s been 12 hours, so I’ll check with my DNS provider to see if has been fully propagated.

    • To update / maintain the Ghost installation, you will need to become the “ghost-mgr” user :

      sudo -i -u ghost-mgr

      Then follow this documentation - to uninstall and install ghost or run ghost setup.

      If you are spinning up a new droplet and wouldn’t like to change DNS, then please consider using DigitalOcean floating IP -

      Assign a floating IP to the droplet, so that if you are destroying the droplet and creating a new droplet, you can un-assign the floating IP from old droplet and assign it to a new droplet. In that case you can avoid the DNS changes when the droplet changes.

      For now, you can reduce the TTL value while modifying the DNS records and use floating IP.