Australian Server?

Posted June 3, 2014 31.2k views
I need server to be in Australia. Any solutions or updates on this?

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Ping isn’t necessarily an issue for me, but legal requirements are. Certain privacy laws require documents to be stored on Australian shores. So I have to host everything elsewhere which is less than ideal.

+1 For my Australian customers we'er forced to use Singapore servers (about 200ms latency) or AWS in Sydney (20ms latency). I’d love a Sydney DO server!

There are no servers available in Australia but they do have a Singapore data center that has excellent ping times from Australia.
  • Ping time’s are generally not ‘excellent’ from Australia. They’re on-par, or worse than hosts located in the US.

    The reasoning is that most ISP’s in AU have cheaper transit via the US rather than SE Asia, so your traffic to the Singapore region gets hauled via west coast US and onto Asia from there.

  • just from ssh, i’ve found that the typing lag is no different with a droplet hosted in san franciso and a droplet hosted in singapore, sadly.

    though of course, you may have had a different experience.

  • its not all about ping times, some customers require data (by law) to be hosted in Australia

  • it sin’t too bad on the rare occasions when the SeWeMe cable is not broken.

The best way to keep up to date on plans about a possible Australian datacenter is to subscribe and vote on this UserVoice question:

I don’t agree about excellent ping times. Typical latency to SGP1 is approx 260ms, while SF is 180ms, so no signups until they have something in Australia

  • I have to agree with this, I’m seeing ping times of 180-200ms with singapore, while websites hosted on TPP or Cloudflare (Melbourne, AU) have ping times of 10-50ms.

For those who want DigitalOcean in Australia, please make sure to vote here:

That’s the official channel to ask for improvements.

can anyone can give me a phone number I can call to speak with someone in the company.. even if it is overseas.
thank you

Also keen on this!

B B u m p p p +1 +10.
Droplets are great, AWS and Azure are a little painful getting up quick vs DO. But government data sovereignty and ping times.. DO will just be my test servers until you get an Australian Data Center. We have a large educated population and would use DO at a higher rate than say asia per capita (hoping DO reads this).

+1 Please open up an Australian server. We would immediately switch over to digitalocean if that was the case.

+1 Is there any new information on this? Ticket is 6 years old and can’t find any response. Second highest voted idea on here. Let’s get an Aussie data centre :) please.

+10000000 (Australia / New Zealand Servers)

This is the second-highest request…

Other similar providers such as Linode and Vultr have this !

Why are we still waiting, I understand things take time but the request is 6 years old plus, at the very least answer your community DigitalOcean.

So but since moving to NZ from the UK I cant use your service any more (Going to switch to Linode). It’s a shame as I have always recommended your guys… But the no answer to this question/request is unacceptable.


We’re forced to used AWS Sydney because data of my clients needs to stay on Australian soil + 20ms ping. The 200ms Singapore ping is too slow in comparison. We’d switch to DO Sydney in a heart beat.

Hey @studio688084,

Great idea, sounds like it’d be super useful!

It looks like someone has had the same idea before and has posted it on our Product Ideas board. The best thing to do would be to head over and add your vote to it, as well as adding any additional information in the comments for exactly what you’d like to see implemented!

Hope that helps!
- Alex.

+1000 for this.
Come on DO, it’s now been 5 years of people asking for Australian servers.

Clearly your not interested in the Australian market although it would be lucrative

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