Best way to secure your MongoDB Droplet

June 27, 2019 363 views
MongoDB Security Ubuntu

I’ve found similar answers to this question, but all the questions were 2 years or older. I’m curious if there are new Digital Ocean products or technologies I can use to secure my MongoDB droplet.

So apart from the MongoDB Security Checklist, are there any things I must do to create a secure database droplet?

MongoDB Security Checklist Reference:

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Hi there @Snics,

We have a 1-Click App for setting up a MongoDB instance:

This is a great starting point for a new, secure MongoDB server as this will automatically get Mongo running and set up the basis of a firewall to protect your Droplet and the DB server.

The security checklist that you have referenced also looks to be a great resource for ensuring that you are following the best practices recommended by Mongo for ensuring that your DB is secure.

Hope that helps!
- Matt.

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