Can I get download stats of a file hosted on Spaces?

April 3, 2018 1.9k views

My site is currently using S3 for static content hosting like pictures and audio files for a podcast. However I’d like to consolidate to a single provider if I can, using S3 just adds complexity. The biggest thing I need, though, is statistics on how many time a particular file has been downloaded. I have some listeners who stream through my site and some who use iTunes or other RSS feeds where the media is pulled directly from storage, and getting listener counts is really difficult this way.

Can Spaces let me see exactly how many times a file has been downloaded?

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ryanpq MOD April 3, 2018
Accepted Answer

Unfortunately this reporting is not yet available for Spaces users. Additional metrics around Spaces usage is on the roadmap and work is currently underway to continue to improve this experience.

You can try setting up a proxy on Nginx and log access to it, pretty easy and there are many tutorials around.

Not having this feature is a deal breaker for me. Have to move my files elsewhere.

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