Cannot get kubernetes Horizonal Pod Autoscaler or Metrics Server working

October 22, 2018 2.9k views

I am using the new hosted Kubernetes (which is pretty awesome, btw), however I cannot get HPA or Metrics to work at all.

I have deployed both heapster and metrics server just in case one was not supported, however on 1.11 I expect metrics server to work. At first, metrics server was not able to connect to the kubelet endpoint via dns (since the names don't exist as DNS), so I reconfigured metrics-server to use these flags:


This enabled the connection to kubelet and the errors are gone in the metrics server logs. Now I am seeing on the HPA:

unable to get metrics for resource cpu: unable to fetch metrics from resource metrics API: the server is currently
unable to handle the request (get

This is where I get stuck currently. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!