Cloue Firewall: How to open port 6002 for Websockets?

October 16, 2019 88 views
DigitalOcean Cloud Firewalls

In my Inbound Rules I’ve set these rules:

Type: Custom
Protocol: TCP
Portrange: 6002 for IPv4 and 6

But still if I go to my port is still closed!

Any ideas?

I don’t use the local firewall only the DO Cloud Firewall

1 Answer

Hello, @avidofood

If you’re running on Ubuntu droplet you can try to open the port on ufw and then to disable it again. I had a similar issue and this helped.

sudo ufw allow 6002
sudo ufw disable

Is you’re application already listening on this port or have an active connection?

You can also test the connection using telnet:

telnet IPaddr 6002
  • Thank you! I don’t need this anymore because I just use 443 as a port for my websocket and this works also fine! Thank you nonetheless

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