Connect Laravel Project at local device to a mysql droplet at DigitalOcean

February 23, 2019 299 views
Applications Ubuntu 18.04

I am trying to run migrations from my local device to digital oceans DB.
I have sat up a PHPmyAdmin account and an mysql account.

In Laravel settings:
HOST=[IP address of my phpmyadmin droplet]

I try to run a migration but its providing me with the following:
Host '' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server

The user I am using has been fully granted all privileges.

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unixynet February 24, 2019
Accepted Answer

You'll need to create a new user in MySQL with the same DB_USERNAME, DB_PASSWORD, and DB_DATABASE combo but with the IP Like this:

grant all on DB_DATABASE.* to 'DB_USERNAME'@'' identified by 'DB_PASSWORD';
flush privileges;

NB: "grant all" is lazy so make sure you only grant the privs you'd like to assign.


Thanks @unixynet ! It finally worked! It took me a whole day realize that user account is linked to an IP address (in default cases to local host which is

I fixed the problem by following your directions exactly, and, by removing special characters in the password in the .env file of laravel.

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