Connection Closes after changing root password

September 1, 2014 21.7k views

I have created a new droplet, I got the root access to it, after I SSH and type the root password, I’m being forced to enter a new password, after that the connection closes and the new password is not saved!! I don’t know what is exactly the problem.

  • same sh**t, can’t setup my droplet. Try to change password and connection is closed.

  • I’ve had the same issue but i’ve realised were everyone gets it it wrong.


    When you get requested to change your passoword, FIRST put in your CURRENT password then the NEW password then VERIFY the NEW password.

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I recommend you to set the root password by accesing the web console instesd of ssh connection, go to droplet panel, press access button then console access.

  • I did so, after asking me for the new password the following message appears “Authentication token manipulation error” and the console restarts.

  • Same thing here. I tried creating a droplet with CentOS 7 and when trying to enter new password on first login, it throws the “Authentication token manipulation error” and goes back to login.
    Must be a bug in the image???

  • Found it. You have to retype the generated password again before entering your new root password.

  • I did the same but not working. login from consol entered a user name and password received on email after reset droplet password. It’s asking - Changing the password for root.
    (current) UNIX password:
    Enter new UNIX password:
    Retype new UNIX password

    Connection to xxx.xx.xx closed.

thanks guys, saved my life)

DigitalOcean now has become a liability for us as a company. We have a multi-instance architecture and due to their random-at-will changes it starting to affect our ability to run our business. We need to be able to spin-up new instances in hours and now we stuck with this rubbish. It takes time, research and lost productivity.

Yes I have the same problem, ssh disconect when I try change password.
The console droplet not work.
Don´t try work with Digital Ocean , I test and have lost , lost and lost my time, with simple trobles,
simple tasks, that you have , you need, spend a lot of time for fix.
And Digital Ocean saller one product like 512mb that don´’t work for one simple blog wordpress.
If you like spend your time for nothing… go ahead…

I have the same issue connection closed after resetting the password !!

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