Cookies work great on localhost but does not work on VPS

October 10, 2017 1.3k views
Ubuntu 16.04 Node.js

I have a Nodejs and Angularjs web app. Everything works perfectly on localhost but when I push my code to my droplet, cookie does not work. Everything that I saved in cookie does not appear on Cookies. I have just created an Amazon VPS and the same problem. I know that cookie is client side but why does it happen ? This is my piece of angular code:
$scope.login = function () {

var isEmpty = AuthService.checkEmptyLogin($scope.user);
if (!isEmpty.isErr) {
  UserService.login($scope.user).then(function (result) {
    if ( {
      $rootScope.userLogin =;

      var day = new Date();
      day.setDate(day.getDay() + 30);

      var options = {
        domain: "localhost",
        httpOnly: true,
        expires: day
      // nothing in cookies
      $cookies.put('token',, options);
      $cookies.put('name',, options);
      // session storage works fine
      $sessionStorage.user = 'heheeheh';
      flash.success =;
    } else {
      flash.error =;
} else {
  $scope.loginMessage = isEmpty.message;
1 Answer

Have you tried swapping out localhost for the ip address of the server?

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