copy-paste doesn't work from your console

February 4, 2017 285 views
DigitalOcean Ubuntu

How the heck do I copy or paste anything from the web console? I've tried both Safari and Chrome. I'm trying to get ssh to work but I can't copy/paste keys or get authorized any other way.

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pjpark February 4, 2017
Accepted Answer

I got it. I just needed to ssh in as root to set everything up.

  • @pjpark

    Glad you were able to get things working!

    For future reference, on most OS's, root is the default user you'll need to use to login initially. CoreOS is one exception.

    If you run in to any other issues, feel free to reply and I'll be more than happy to help!


If you're on a MacBook / MacBook Pro, the best option is to use Terminal or Hyper -- on Windows, it's best to use PuTTy.

The console that's available through the DigitalOcean Control Panel requires that you type in input -- you won't be able to CMD+V or CTRL+V it in.

That's the point. I can't do any of that stuff because I can't get ssh to work, and I can't try to get the keys to work manually because I can't copy or paste.

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