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January 10, 2018 1.7k views
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I have a droplet in LON1 for almost two years, and host an important website. I also use CloudFlare on top of it.

When visiting the website from Mainland China, it is slow in general, and sometimes it is too slow to display the page.

So now, I would like to overcome this, do you have any solution?

For example, does DigitalOcean have a data center in Hong Kong? Will moving from London to Hong Kong solve this problem? And will users in Europe and USA be affected (I don’t want to sacrifice them either)?

Thank you

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ryanpq MOD January 11, 2018
Accepted Answer

We do not have a Hong Kong data center but do have data centers available both in Bangalore, India and in Singapore which would provide lower latency from mainland China. One thing to consider however is that since you are using CloudFlare your site is being served from their network of proxy servers and not directly from your droplet so changing the location of your servers would not have as much of an effect unless your site consists of a lot of dynamic pages that are not cached by CF.

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