Custom loadbalancer?

Posted January 19, 2020 2.8k views
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I have created a Kubernetes cluster with the help of DOs’ Kubernetes service.
Every time I create a load balancer service inside my cluster, a load balancer from DO gets created which is a paid service. We currently don’t need that load-balancing performance, and I am not sure how to spin up a free load balancer.

Is there some way this can be achieved?

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I use a service mesh, Linkerd, which is on the DO Marketplace and easily installable in existing clusters. Then I use an ingress controller to handle the external traffic coming in. It can sustain drains and upgrades with Linkerd. It does so by using the Ingress kind and proper annotations.

  • I would like to try this approach, however I don’t understand how to do the own load balancing using Linkerd. I have the nginx-controller set up that is type LoadBalancer and which automatically deployed a DO load balancer. Does just placing the proper annotations fixes the issue and uses linkerd load balancing?

    I’ll appreciate some guidance :)

Hi there,

You can change the services type to NodePort or ClusterIP if you do not want a load balancer to be provisioned.

You can then choose whatever tools you wish to manage traffic externally to those services.

However node IPs are guaranteed to change during upgrades and recycles so setting static IPs in an external load balancer is not recommended.

We currently do not offer free load balancers.



Thanks for the reply!
So if I were to install my own Kubernetes cluster onto a vm then I could spin up free load balancers?

If I were to use a paid load balancer, is it possible to use one load balancer to route all traffic in the cluster?

@deepinthought Thank you for the reply!

I went and created nginx-ingress controller! One load balancer is perf fine!
Will check linkerd in the future!