Delete Space Bucket Immediately

October 3, 2019 100 views
DigitalOcean Spaces

I would like to know how to delete a bucket immediately. I created a bucket with aws-cli in Spaces, included some files and deleted (from the panel), during some tests I was doing, but the deleted bucket is showing “Scheduled to be destroyed on 10/14/19” (about 2 weeks after bucket creation).

This causes the error “An error occurred (BucketDeleted) when calling the ListObjects operation: This bucket is temporarily reserved for administrative purposes.” when trying to create a new bucket with the same name to test again.

Is there a way to delete the bucket immediately (without having to wait weeks)?

1 Answer


When you destroy any Spaces it will be moved to pending destruction status. In the 2+ week period during which Space is pending destruction, you cannot reuse that Space’s name. However, you can recover Spaces from pending destruction status by opening a support ticket.


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