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Posted October 16, 2018 1.8k views
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For the last 3 months i’ve been in charge of a small virtual Ocean operation with around 50 servers. i’ve been studying digital Ocean and recognize some of the matters it simplifies in assessment to AWS. however i have come to view it as unreliable. without a doubt, i can’t in properly conscious propose it for brand spanking new structures after simply three months of the usage of it.

aside from some of their larger issues that have caused us troubles (the nyc network issues a couple weeks lower back had been horrific) It just seems flaky. in the closing week alone i have had the subsequent unrelated problems:

A manufacturing server iced over. absolutely inaccessible, even from the console. Contacted help and they claimed it became an underlying hypervisor issue and they had to reboot my gadget. Wtf? I think i’m lucky that a hard boot didn’t motive corruption, however that doesn’t seem insignificant.

A production server just stopped routing internet site visitors. i can access it from the console and personal networking, but no net. according to guide they needed to reboot a switch. Wtf…

any other manufacturing server simply stopped routing internet site visitors. Wtf…

upload in how slow snapshots appear and the reality that they appears to cause troubles whilst taken live on production structures (taking snapshots has brought about servers to head offline for part of their duration and end up being corrupt a now not insignificant quantity of the time) and i just have a hard time information why human beings would use DO for manufacturing.

What are your experiences? Am I being unreasonable? was the usage of DO for commercial enterprise critical stuff a mistake? Has their first-rate declined?

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Hey friend!

I’m sorry that you’ve had trouble and I would love to take this feedback and distribute it to everyone who will have impact on the various individual issues. Here’s what I could gather from this post, with an ask next to each:

  1. NYC network issue (Could you point to the issue at
  2. A hypervisor reboot (Could you email the droplet IP to
  3. Switch reboot (Could you point me to droplet IP, status page issue, or ticket #? Email to would be best)
  4. Snapshot taking server offline (Any help to identify an instance of this would be good, as this should not be happening)

Honestly, we have a lot of people using us for production and this seems like an unusual number of problems for one user to experience. I’d really love to get to the bottom of this and distribute the feedback throughout the company. If you’d like we could maybe do a Google Hangout or Skype call even. Feel free to send me an email anytime.