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DNS Ubuntu

Sometimes I get a DNS error when attempting to view one of my own websites. Presumably it affects the others too, but I don’t check up on them as much. Using Is It Down Right Now?, it’s clear that when the DNS lookup fails, it’s affecting all visitors. This usually lasts for a few minutes at a time and the number of times that I myself have seen it is concerning as I’m far from being there 24/7.

My DNS is set up so that Namecheap points to DigitalOcean and then DigitalOcean points to my droplet. Now, are these issues NameCheap’s fault or DigitalOcean’s and what can I do to resolve this?

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TenHourGuy December 13, 2017
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Forgot about this question. I increased my DNS TTL value (outside of DigitalOcean) and that seemed to solve everything.

im having same issue with some of my websites

all website are live now… almost an our ofline… weird

All websites show live and active, however mine is confirmed down with the same error - and checked using Is It Down Right Now?

Been out for a couple hours now,,,

look likes , issues from digitalocean name servers

Was back up and running and down again today. I can’t believe this…

  • Yeah, my DNS errors have now struck whilst Google was crawling. The effect will be negligible, but still.

Ok, this is happening to my website for literally the third or fourth time in the last week. It’ll go down for hours and come right back up. Anyone else having this issue recur?

The solution is just change your dns server address to something else than your ISP provides you.

See Reference - https://www.atulhost.com/dns-probe-finished-nxdomain

I hope it will work for you.

Same issue here. Not the first time I see it, I even had some DNS issues recorded on my Webmasters Tools. Wondering why this is happening. I will appreciate any updates or replies from the folks at Digital Ocean.

I had the same issues now a couple of times! And at daytime(!) for several minutes, where my customers called me and informed me that they have problems reaching my website.

This problems are not acceptable and way to often! Fix it finally DO!

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