Docker compose locks for minutes

Posted September 10, 2021 188 views

Newly created 2GB ubuntu droplet, just docker and docker-compose installed. Nothing strange. No running containers

root@mongotest-02:~/mongotest# time docker-compose --version
docker-compose version 1.29.2, build 5becea4c

real    3m59.484s
user    0m0.705s
sys     0m0.088s
root@mongotest-02:~/mongotest# uptime
 21:37:58 up 3 days,  2:32,  4 users,  load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00

During that time process state was “S”. This is digital ocean disks failing?

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1 answer

Hi there,

I’ve seen a similar problem and the solution that I’ve used in the past was to install haveged which solves the problem straight way:

sudo apt install -y haveged

Make sure that the service is running:

sudo systemctl status haveged.service

After that the docker-compose should be instant:

time docker-compose --version


docker-compose version 1.27.4, build 40524192

real    0m0.719s
user    0m0.618s
sys     0m0.092s

Hope that this helps!