Does Digital Ocean allow games on servers ?

December 29, 2018 1.2k views
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Hey all,
Does Digital Ocean allow games on servers ? I want open server gamer on droplets here.

It is allowed to open game servers, I will not have problems of contract with the digital ocean?


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jarland MOD December 30, 2018
Accepted Answer

Hey friend,

Absolutely, have at it and have fun! The only thing I want to make you aware of is that CPU is a shared resource. Maxing out the available CPU for extended periods of time can be deemed abusive, and we may have to take action if it becomes a problem. We balance our servers pretty well, but there’s always a risk of a few customers clustering together and trying to slam a shared CPU core. It doesn’t happen very often, but it has happened.

There is a way to get guaranteed CPU, and that is by creating what we call a “CPU Optimized Droplet.” This comes with dedicated CPU threads. You can see them on the right side here:

May the wins be yours :)


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