Does Digital Ocean come with a cape and a motorcycle like Amazon Lightsail?

Posted November 30, 2016 11.8k views

Hello, I recently noticed that Amazon launched a new service called LightSail that seems to be attempting to compete with Digital Ocean.

I can see that DO actually provides better value in terms of more resources for the same money for some pricing tiers. And based on some published test results the DO SSD IOPS performance is vastly superior to Lightsail.

HOWEVER, the Lightsail home and feature pages show (developers?) wearing a cape and sitting on a motorcycle. Since no developers I know generally wear a cape or code while sitting on a motorcycle, I can only assume this means that the cape and motorcycle are provided when you sign up for Lightsail.

Unfortunately for DO, this is the clincher for me. I will be switching to Lightsail immediately unless you can provide me with at least a cape. Preferably a royal purple one.

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I think it’s of high importance to always be mindful of the value that you provide to customers. It should always be part of any decision making process.

With that said, a motorcycle most definitely qualifies as a strong value add for the customer. If the question is “Would a motorcycle add value to the product?” The answer is undoubtedly yes.

So does this mean that we will eventually offer motorcycles? I think it’s important to not rule anything out. The landscape changes constantly, and you never know what tomorrow holds.

What I can say, with absolute certainty, is <3 from everyone at DigitalOcean :)

Kind Regards,
Taylor Swift

  • Thank you Taylor! Don’t tell anyone but I think you are very lovely young woman and some of your music is pretty good too. Good luck in your new career at Digital Ocean! I’m sure they are glad to have you.

We’re always looking for ways to continue to improve the services we offer here at DO but motorcycles and capes never made their way to our Uservoice or product roadmap until now. We’d love to hear more from you. Can you open a ticket on your DO account with us with the subject “Attn: Community” and we can talk more there.

You hear a lot of opinions on capes and motorcycles in the developer community. Some say “They’re an unnecessary luxury”, while others swear by them as productivity tools. I hesitate to step into that age-old debate, but I will say that I think it’s imperative we give developers the option to use capes and motorcycles in their work, regardless of whether or not we agree with them as critical infrastructure.

To that end I do believe capes and motorcycles are the right choice for now, and the right choice for a better tomorrow.


P.S. I’m like 92% sure Taylor Swift doesn’t work here.

I really think DO should go ahead of competition and offer users Sammy shaped motorcycle and a cape.

Let’s be real here, you can see guy riding a motorcycle with cape literally everywhere.
But what’s last time when you saw guy riding a wild Sammy with Sammy shaped cape? Never!

We should head over to Uservoice and suggest giving customers, royal Wild Sammy Motorcycle.

Now, after this, I can’t really think about developing without Sammy bike and cape.

Kind regards.

P.S.: I’m pretty sure guy above is not Taylor Swift. Source: I’m realTaylorSwift

I’m pretty sure none of the above are Taylor Swift.

It’s really Becky.