I made this account to ask a question. Not sure if I’m in the right place for what I need or not, but I might be :)

The company I work for has a website run on windows IIS. The website in question is www.adventurelights.com

We are extremely unsatisfied with the service we are getting with our current host provider. They can’t even install a renewed SSL Certificate, which we need to make sales....critical situation.

I am researching new providers we can switch over too. Digital Ocean looks fantastic, but is it what I’m looking for? Maybe you can tell me, haha



  • Digital Ocean runs vpses (called Droplets) with any OS you like, you should use own ISO to use preferred windows server version, though their most powerful feature is deploying droplets with predefined linux installation, which is really fast.

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  • Yes. As the above user explained, DigitalOcean isn’t an optimum choice for hosting a Windows IIS server as Digital Ocean runs Droplets with any OS you like, but their most powerful feature is deploying droplets with predefined Linux installation.

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  • Is it possible to deploy droplets with predefined Linux installation but users access the services including databases with Window based devices (desktops, laptops, tablets, etc.)?

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Currently, DigitalOcean only allows the deployment of Linux based OS’s. The option to install your own or bring your own OS is currently not possible (though I believe this is something that they are working on).

Tagging @ryanpg so perhaps he can chime in on this one.

  • Thanks, Jtittle.

    I’ve been researching DO a little bit, and it seems its primary focus is hosting for application software. We also have Linux websites being developed, but these are ecommerce SSL certified product websites, not apps that are being developed.

    Is DO a service that we can use for our needs with that? Please let me know when you can, thanks.


    • Absolutely. The majority of e-commerce sites on the Internet are hosted on Linux. We do not have any immediate plans to support Windows droplets so unfortunately we cannot assist with a service running on IIS. Thousands of sites of all kinds are hosted on DO and there are many open source e-commerce platforms available for Linux.

    • @AdventureLights

      While DigitalOcean does indeed have a core focus on development, it’s be no means limited to hosting applications. I’ve deployed websites powered by a range of software types, with no specific limitations other than those self-imposed.

      DigitalOcean provides a platform. When you deploy a Droplet (read: VPS or virtualized instance), you’re provided with the default OS installations and root access. Where you take it from there is only limited by your imagination and development capabilities :-).

      If you need NodeJS, PHP, Python, C/C++ … package X, Y, Z etc - you can install it from the CLI and tweak and tune as needed.

      The only limitation, currently, is that of the kernel. DigitalOcean does not support custom kernels, other than those available from inside the Control Panel. This would mean that if you need to fine-tune the kernel, that option is not currently one that is available.

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