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I have been struggling for the past 2 days to fix this problem. I have read countless forum answers (DO and others) and I can’t figure it out.

TLDR: I can’t use my domain name ( in my DigitalOcean Wordpress droplet.

  • Domain name provider: (I need a .ma domain)DNS settings 1, DNS settings 2 (idk why it has 2 settings btw).
  • DigitalOcean droplet: Ubuntu WordPress 5.8 on Ubuntu 20.04 (IP:
  • DigitalOcean DNS records.
  • DNS checker points to the right IP.
  • DigitalOcean SSL pointing to domain name

  • When works both URLs point to, it works.

  • When I change both URLs to, it says the site is not secure, and only works (and not

  • when I change the URL to, nothing works, the whole website is down.

I’ve probably created and destroyed a dozen droplets since yesterday:

  • During the wordpress console installation, I tried adding ‘’ as a domain name and add SSL, but it won’t work, it says there’s some firewall problem and I can’t access the website.
  • I tried disabling the firewalls in another installation but it still won’t work.
  • I tried starting a new droplet and using the droplet’s IP as the domain name, it worked, but when I try changing the domain to, the whole thing goes down.
  • I tried adding this to wp-config: define('WP_SITEURL', ''); define('WP_HOME', ''); but it doesn’t work.
  • I tried another wp-config edit with, but it won’t work.

Any ideas?
I would appreciate any help and thank you in advance for your time.

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UPDATE: I found the solution, it wasn’t a firewall problem.

Forget the wordpress SSL plugins, just follow this tutorial but instead of editing




I did step 2 via FTP, not console.

I hope it helps others, good luck.

by Kathleen Juell
by Erika Heidi
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Hey there!

From what you have provided here it looks like your DNS settings are all correct. It looks like the SSL isn’t being installed which would need to be setup before you can change the sites URL. What errors are you seeing when trying to setup the SSL for the domain through SSH during setup?