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I've created two A records in DigitalOcean web DNS config it looks like this: @ XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX But only (without www) is reacheable and i can ping it. nslookup also can't find what should i do to enable www subdomain?
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Well i have to say that i have the same problem as you and it was a headache, because i did everything in the tutorial and nothing seems to work BUT!!! i wait like an HOUR for this and then it work properly.

So this was my configuration, just as the tutorial in digitalocean here in the "CNAME" section

Enter Name: www

Enter Hostname: @

Hope it helps!!

PD: My droplet has this example name: (or .net if your domain is .net, etc)

Another tech for this problem

hostname = www
ip address =

will for me.
go to your dns control panel and add a new A record

hostname =
ip adress = your droplet ip adres etc

and be sure nameservers are configured for digitalocen at your domain control panel
Maybe using the CNAME will be better solution, especially for search engines?
"www" or "www @"
thanks. solved it with cname: www @
Name Only valid hostname characters are allowed. (a-z, A-Z, 0-9, ., _ and -) Or a single record of '@'. and Data CNAMEs can not be pointed to IP address, only domain names
Got that error when trying to set a CNAME record with both:
www IP and IP

I could only set an A record with IP but still not working

I ran into this same issue and after combining a couple of the answers above, your DNS configuration for should be (with CNAME solving the www. issue):

A --> @ --> IP ADDRESS
CNAME --> * -->
NS -->
NS -->
NS -->

I am also getting same issue. My site not working without www.

I think this is Main Issue. I have also hosted my Shayari on DO Facing too many issue. Now Days CC is Getting Worse.

For google its 2 terms... always use proper webmaster guidelines.

I like to use website with www ....

Thank you,

I am also facing the same problem with my hindi shayari website. i want my domain with www.

me too facing the same problem on my website whatsappstatus help mee too solve it

I faced the similar problem with My Event blog on Happy New Year 2018. I update the CNAME & A Record to resolved the issue.

Hi Ajay
Same here i have also faced same problem with high traffic site Happy New Year Videos so i also have updated CNAME & Records to resolve this issue

I Also Faced This Problem On My Website Hindi Love Shayari how to fix it this problem

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I've added CNAME record as WWW still I'm getting refused to connect on my 2 websites.
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Hi i also faced same problem while using blogger for my site whatsapp funny . Then i point non www to in blogger setting.

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and also chek my website Fb status king hindi

I used to get the same issue on my website as well Emotional Quotes. I found the soultion. You need to point your www value to the server ip to resolve the issue.

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planning to shift from godaddy to digitalocean ..please guide me
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There are absolutely no SEO benefits of choosing one over another. Even Google has said that it all depends on your preference. You can let Google know about your personal preference, and they will honor it. All you have to do is go to your Google Webmaster Tools account and click on your site.
you can check my site Love Shayari that I have shifted from naked domain to www still no problem

i am facing same problem on my website Bestattitudestatus please solve it fast.

I am also getting same issue. My site not working without www.

There is no SEO factor in a domain with and without www. you can choose any one and submit in Google Webmaster Tools. Previously I used a naked domain in my website Sad Status for Whatsapp, now I shifted my naked domain to www. there is no problem.

Just go to your c panel and install Wordpress again then it will solve your problem you can see my website Good Morning Images that i have changed to www and this is the website Good Night Images which is still non www and it still ranks on google.

Actually, there is no difference in WWW Vs Non-WWW. You can give your preference to google what to choose, and also it has no SEO effects. I have Installed www on my site Caveman Spongebob meme and Non-www on Overwatch Memes that you can check for more reference.

NO difference between www and non www from the point of seo. You can choose which ever you like. also check attitude status for whatsapp

You can use any one WWW without www and submit in Google Webmaster Tools or Bing Webmaster Tools. Its totally depends on you that how to show your domain in google search result. There is no effect on SEO or Search Engine Ranking, You can check my Good Morning Love website for reference.

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i have fixed it via wp installation on my happy birthday blog. the best and easiest way.

Both www and non www are basically same. Please check out best whatsapp status and sad status for whatsapp

I first used my blog without www but now shifted to www. It looks authentic for long-term blogs.

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I am also getting same ue. My Site [MOBDRO APK](http://) not wor king without www.

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I am also getting same issue. My site girls whatsapp numbers is not working without www.

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i have booked a domain but now i want to make it without www !! will this effect my SEO.. pls help..

I am trying to change from without to with www of my blog. itechbeat it always redirect it. help me out.

I am also getting ditto same issue. My site Good Morning Love Images sometimes don't work without www.

I've Tried to Deactivate the www from my Website on Jio DTH but when seen ranking getting down, activated again.
Same thing happened with another Blog about Recharge Offers and Coupons, I need to activate www again. I don't know why.

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