Entire DO subnet was marked as blacklisted!!

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Hello Support Team, everyone,

Recently, I’ve noticed that my ip address got rejected by a couple of websites, and therefore performed a sanity check on several ‘ip blacklist’ services. Turns out that my IP appeared in one of them, and after I contacted them, here’s the answer I got:

Dear Mr. [...],

thank you very much for your message. Your IP is not blacklisted because
you performed certain actions but because it is part of a network of
DigitalOcean, from where we encounter multiple thousand attacks per 
DigitalOcean does not care about those attacks not they react on any of
our abuse reports. Instead is seems to be their business strategy to
provide [.. removed because of possible legal issues..].

We cannot accept this behavior and cannot let our customers be a 
victim of those actions. Thats why we blacklisted the whole network 
DigitalOcean starts handling abuse reports. We are very sorry for any
connection problems you or your customers encounter and can only advice
you, to chose another provider / IP address for your systems.

Kind regards,


Can DO support provide some sort of follow-up? If a significant portion of websites I browse using my droplet as a VPN become unreachable, that will become a problem very quickly.

Has anyone noticed ip blacklist problems recently?


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As a bit of caution, this is our Community portal that typical gathers responses from everyone who comprises that community. Issues particular to an IP address or potential connectivity troubles might be best directed to a proper support ticket so you can have a direct dialog. Support tickets can be created by clicking the buoy in the top-right corner of your Cloud control panel or by going to the following address and entering in your query:

First, I want to say that we seriously review each and every abuse report, taking action where needed. In fact, we have quite a reputation for being tough on those who violate Terms of Service (available here: As a result, it’s hard to speak to exactly what they’re attempting to convey unless there was an issue with their delivery of abuse reports. Unfortunately, I’m unfamiliar with this blacklist, so I cannot provide much insight on that end.

In any case, we’d certainly be happy to dig into this a bit more although we would require some additional details that I don’t feel comfortable asking you to share via our Community forums. Could you create a ticket with us, referencing this particular Community post and sharing your Droplet’s IP address? That would allow us to review this a bit more in depth and raise it with our Security team as well.

Garrett Jansen
Developer Support Engineer

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