[ERROR] MySQL Query Error: Can not connect to DB, bridge2cart in woocommerce. Veeqo connection.

June 7, 2019 241 views
WordPress Ansible Databases

This is on a roots.io environment: trellis | bedrock | sage9

There are no errors on deployment. However my client requires the integration of Veeqo, stock management software, that has an integration plugin for wordpress.

In the instructions here, I’ve completed both steps 9a and 9b.

which state that I upload to the wordpress root, a folder, and set it permissions to 755 and 644 on the files it contains. But the above error is still present.

A test was done on a traditional server stack, which worked.

I’m guessing the error above is because bedrock’s file structure is different to a traditional wordpress architectur, and the bridge file is pointing to incorrect directory.

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