Error "vcmi_device_t is not defined" in SELinux when Adding a New Port for SSH

Posted October 2, 2017 4.6k views

A few months ago I created a Fedora 25 droplet and changed my SSH port. Obviously, I had to allow it through selinux and firewalld.

This is the command I ran as root:

semanage port -a -t ssh_port_t -p tcp [nonstandard port number]

I upgraded to Fedora 26 a little while back and I was setting up a mail server a couple days ago. I’ve rebooted a few times but suddenly after one of them SSH failed to bind. It turns out that selinux is back to blocking it, so I tried to add it back in.

# semanage port -a -t ssh_port_t -p tcp [port]
libsepol.context_from_record: type vmci_device_t is not defined
libsepol.context_from_record: could not create context structure
libsepol.context_from_string: could not create context structure
libsepol.sepol_context_to_sid: could not convert system_u:object_r:vmci_device_t:s0 to sid
invalid context system_u:object_r:vmci_device_t:s0
libsemanage.semanage_validate_and_compile_fcontexts: setfiles returned error code 255.
OSError: [Errno 0] Error

I’ve tried a few different ports. Ones that are already defined give the expected error. Other ports give the vmci one.

# semanage port -a -t ssh_port_t -p tcp 22
ValueError: Port tcp/22 already defined

VMCI seems to be related to vmware. I didn’t install anything of the sort so I’m guessing DigitalOcean uses it for their droplets or something. Help? I’m willing to migrate to a new droplet at this point if I need to but I want to know what went wrong and how to fix it.

SSH works normally on 22 or when selinux is disabled or permissive, but those are workarounds not solutions.

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1 answer

Finally found a fix by restoring all the contexts:

touch /.autorelabel