FreeBSD 10.3 droplet plans

May 24, 2016 2.8k views
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Hi there,

There are plans to provide a DigitalOcean's FreeBSD 10.3 image be released soon?

Has someone already tried to upgrade an existing 10.2 to 10.3?



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jmarhee May 24, 2016
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We have a team responsible for maintaining our images, and releasing new ones as necessary, so an update to our FreeBSD image offerings is likely forthcoming, though I do not have a firm estimate at this time, unfortunately.

With that said, an upgrade to 10.3 from the 10.2 image, in my personal account, completed without issue using the standard method:

freebsd-update fetch
freebsd-update install

freebsd-update upgrade -r 10.3-RELEASE

freebsd-update install

and following a reboot, you may need to run the update install once more, you can verify using:

freebsd-version -k

This method shouldn't cause any issues with an existing 10.2 install, though I do recommend making a backup of any customizations to your rc.conf, etc.


Joseph D. Marhee
Customer Success Engineer

We're in the process of making some improvements on our build system for our FreeBSD images. We'll be able to provide an updated FreeBSD 10.3 image when that is completed. Until then, you can upgrade to 10.3 from 10.2 by running:

  • sudo freebsd-update fetch
  • sudo freebsd-update install
  • sudo freebsd-update -r 10.3-RELEASE upgrade
  • sudo freebsd-update install

I've been able to do so myself with no issues.

Still, having a 10.3 droplet would be convenient to use with salt-cloud/terraform/etc. It's great that I can upgrade, but since freebsd-update is somewhat interactive, it's unsuitable to use with CM's like Salt, Puppet, Chef, etc.

So, when can we expect a FreeBSD 10.3 droplet?

Please have the new droplet available soon, would be awesome!

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