FreeBSD Backups - can enable after creation, but not during. Bug or a feature?

August 25, 2016 975 views
Backups FreeBSD

While creating a FreeBSD 10.3 zfs droplet, during creation it says backups are not available with this configuration. After creation, however, it seems I can enable them. A backup hasn't run yet, I'm guessing it will fail when it tries?

Is this a bug, or are backups now enabled for FreeBSD + zfs and the creation page hasn't been updated yet?

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ryanpq MOD August 25, 2016
Accepted Answer

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. It was indeed a bug. When we rolled out ZFS on FreeBSD 10.3 droplets we disabled the ability to enable the backup service by default until more testing of it with this filesystem could be done. While the service is working and so far testing shows that things work as expected with zfs we haven't yet re-enabled it on the create page.

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