FreeBSD Droplet no IP Adress

February 6, 2016 601 views
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Problem: FreeBSD 10.2 Droplet has no IP Address
ifconfig -a :
vtnet0 has no inet or intet6 address.
cat rc.conf :
demsg :
$hostname not set
ping :
no route to host
What I've Tried:
provide hostname in rc.conf
disable sshd
Any help is greatly appreciated.

1 Answer

Hey there! Are you still having trouble with this? We put our network config in /etc/rc.digitalocean.d/DROPLETID.conf, where DROPLETID is your droplet id number. That's symlinked to /etc/rc.digitalocean.d/droplet.conf, and if that symlink breaks, then you won't have any networking.

From my experience, sometimes that link breaks when upgrading ports. I'm not sure what causes that yet, but you should be able to re-link it and you'll be good to go, if that's the issue you're seeing.

Platform Support Specialist

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