Got blocked out by the firewall and the web console doesn't help.

April 23, 2019 315 views
Debian 9 Logging

I’ve followed the instruction here: for setting up a webserver. However, after setting up the firewall through nfw and logging out, I can’t access the droplet both by ssh and the web console anymore. Fwiw, opening the web console gives me this repeatedly:

[UFW BLOCK] IN=eth0 OUT= MAC= ... SRC= ...

so it looks like the logging attempt has been blocked by ufw.

I’m pretty sure that when I ran ufw allow 'Nginx HTTP' and then ufw status the output didn’t contain OpenSSH. I should have noticed that :(

What should I do now?

1 Answer

Is this one maybe something support can help you with?

Otherwise, you may be looking at a full rebuild.

  • Yeah, you are right. Theoretically speaking they should be able to access the filesystem root and update the configuration file there.

    This was my fault but I’m a bit disappointed that DO support still hasn’t answered me anything yet :/

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