Graphs panel is not showing anything. Last working 2 days ago.

Posted June 6, 2020 964 views

I upgraded metric agents long ago. it was showing me graphs(CPU,memory,bandwidth…) until few days ago. Now graphs page shows nothing. it’s just empty. I tried another browser still no graph. I created new droplet(ubuntu) with monitoring enabled, still no data no graph. Why did monitoring suddenly disappear from all my droplets even though I made zero change.

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I’m having the same issue. I think the issue is more than just an ad blocker as I don’t have installed, only host based blocking using PiHole.

Possible domains are: and Both are blocked due to tracking reasons I believe.

Can confirm that the graphs are being blocked by PiHole. Adding to your whitelist should fix the problem.

Seeing the same problem now, all the graphs of my Droplets are empty, please look into this ASAP DigitalOcean support!

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