Has my server been compromised?

February 26, 2019 345 views
Node.js Ubuntu 18.04

I have a web application on a ubuntu 18.04 node/express server with an nginx proxy. I’m using pm2 to serve the application. I just checked the pm2 logs and found some lines of code that I’ve never seen before. I don’t have any php applications running on my server and I don’t know what vtiger is. It doesn’t show up anymore but I don’t know what it is. Has my server been hacked?


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jarland MOD February 26, 2019
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Hey friend,

Thanks for asking this question here. It is my opinion that you have nothing to worry about with this. What I’m seeing is that someone is scanning for known applications that they can take advantage of vulnerabilities in, just to see how many they can find and exploit. They did not find these applications as you are not running them, and so their search came up dry when scanning your web server.


  • @jarland Wow! That was a super fast response! Thanks for the explanation. I looked into the vtiger thing and it does appear that their is an exploit like you are talking about.

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