Host CouchDB 2.0

January 18, 2017 812 views


I'm very new to DigitalOcean and getting a server setup. Is this tutorial still current?

I know CouchDB is at 2.0 now.

I'm also wondering how do you securely expose CouchDB to PouchDB from a mobile client such as Ionic 2.

I currently have a Cloudant setup with NodeJS and I'm trying to find an alternative due to API call costs.



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The guide should still work for Ubuntu 16.04 or Ubuntu 16.10 (16.04 being the latest LTS release that supersedes 14.04). Generally speaking, when newer releases are made (i.e. CouchDB 2.x), repository packages are updated to match, so running the commands in the guide should install the latest stable version that the maintainers of the repository have access to.

As for PouchDB, you may want to take a look at the guide below. It's recent and details how to use it combined with SQLite for local storage using Ionic.

and for general purpose, the following guide for security and authentication between CouchDB and PouchDB:

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