How can I get http traffic graphs for a droplet

November 16, 2018 1.1k views
Data Analysis

I need to find out a way to monitor http traffic for a droplet

  • I would suggest something like Google Analytics. You could also use Webalizer or Awstats server side. They both do webserver log file analysis so will pick'up anything that Google Analytics misses due to software like adblockers and such.

  • I was looking fro some solution inside digital ocean, since it provides similar graphs for load balancer

  • The LB is managed by DO so it makes sense that they have monitoring installed and reporting. Your server however isn’t managed by DO. They could filter your HTTP and log it but that would be too intrusive IMO. Try leveraging their open source agent to monitor http traffic:

1 Answer

At this time there is no HTTP specific monitoring that is part of DigitalOcean monitoring so you would need to use an external package or service for that.

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