How could I access my app console as I m using PM2 node.js

July 10, 2016 2.6k views

I just came to know about pm2 in node.js and I successfully launched my app using pm2 but I don't know how to access the app console,Please help me

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ryanpq MOD July 11, 2016
Accepted Answer

I am not sure that there is a way to connect to a "console" when you're running your app via PM2. In general you should get your app working from a standard console and once you are ready to launch, use PM2, screen or a method to daemonize your script and use log files to debug any issues.

Thanks @ryanpq, yea there is no way to access my app console when I run through pm2.

I m running a Game app based on node.js in my droplet,could you please help me that how could I make my game to UTILIZE ALL CORES...

I hope you know pm 2 also not supports multi core for a app it just create multiple instances of the app in cluster mode

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