How do digitalocean judge to lock new account after first $5 paypal?

Posted August 30, 2017 8.2k views

just got a new account after my teacher told us where can we start new project on cloud, and i choose this service instead others, feel really sad to make wrong dicision

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You could’ve been locked temporarily because of your IP and location when you paid for your droplet, all you have to make is a support ticket to get unlocked. If you’re on a shared network where other people have done stuff in the past might have linked it back to you even though it might not have been you.

  • First of all, thank you for your replying. your answer makes me clearly understanding. Anyway, why don’t they lock me out when i created the account? Why they wait for my first payment?!

    And also, if someone here did a wrong thing, they really decide to lock us all here out!

    <still feeling not good with this service and also want my money back>

    • It’s most likely they capture it on payment and base it off with information already provided and whether the paypal account holder is verified and has their address verified. You must have hit some sort of threshold to trigger it.

      You’ll need to contact support with a ticket if you want a refund, can’t do much here since this is just the community and rarely mods check up on tickets from the forums.

Hey, hoping I can help without being too harsh here…
There are many reasons you could be locked out at 9/10 it’s something you did or didn’t do. You paid with Paypal but how? Was it Paypal balance? Credit card or out of your bank? When I went through HostGator and it was actually Paypal that told HG to wait until funds cleared from my bank and it was frozen for 6 days. Also I used a pay as you go credit card another time it was excepted by another host and cleared by Paypal then rejected by a review team. Just remember ALL accounts get reviewed after first payment clears. If your account through Paypal is not verified it may not meet the criteria. All the being said you are going about this all wrong. In the TOS which yoou should always read…EVERY LAST WORD…it says if you have any problems there is a protocol to follow. You create a dialogue with their customer service team. It’s called a ticket and it’s the quickest way to get an issue resolved…actually to find out what the issue is in this case. Also in the TOS it says (i’m sure of it) like in any other of the 100 I’ve read “If you have any questions please contact our support team **before payment”. You are placing the blame a bit early and maybe just wait on it a bit. When you say “Why they wait for my first payment?!” …It’s in the terms you agreed account isn’t created until first payment. You have to agree to these terms or you do not get an account. Is it their mistake you didn’t read the rules you signed in agreement. And “And also, if someone here did a wrong thing, they really decide to lock us all here out!” yup once again it the TOS I’m sure. Probably/maybe worded differently but something like if you use up too many resources the whole server is affected and that shared hosting is like a community. One person can effect everyone just like in normal life no? Even if it not in this TOS I’m sure when you did some research someone somewhere filled you in on the limitations and dangers of using shared hosting. You did research who to choose right? Of course you really seem to value that 5$ and I’m not being a dick I mean it. We all value a $ now more then ever and if you have to be diligent all the time. I’m no expert or better/smarter then the next person and my experience trying to find a host has proven that ten fold. I got put in my place really quick when I took an issue with a host on sm. I called out a host on Twitter and I had an attitude about it. They tried to be professional about and talk through Dm’s and I still went on about their shitty service and were thieves and crooks. Where do you get the right …you can’t do this....The rep didn’t say a damn word. The quoted th 6 things I shot my mouth off about and copied and pasted the answers directly from the TOS. I was just happy there wasn’t a 7th..Hahahaha…Yup world....over here I’m in the clown costume with pie on my face and holding the pieces of my ass that got handed too me. Just relax take a breath and hopefully after this experience (and reading my little novel) you’ll take the time to research hosts ( is the pinnacle of webhost advice. Small chat window with live person 24/7. Ask them anything. They will help you spend your 5$ wisely. Take care

  • ahh, thank you for your replying, lucifuge1973. your novel burn my brain, hehe.
    after reading all of it, i think it is my fault. i might need to consider other way and hope i gonna make more smart decision this time.

    thank you for your advising.

Digital Ocean is not good. Payment got, lock account. So bad. Realtime technical support not exist.

I created a new account, and paid via Paypal, it was debited to my account 5 dollars, and my account is closed, I would like to either release my account or refund this same deposit. Thanks

  • I am in the same boat my account was locked, I raised a ticket but no luck and they won’t reveal the actual reason due to security reasons. I think they need to revise digital ocean security rules/policy as this is impacting lot of other users. Hoping that digital ocean team listens to our concerns.